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The Fear of Failure

So often we don’t make changes because we are afraid of failing. As women this fear of failure seems to be hard wired into our very core.

Are we a good enough Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Boss, Employee?

I have been reading the book ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers and it really has changed my thoughts of ‘Failure’.

Rather than thinking of failure as negative - think of it as feedback.

Let me give you an example. I tried a new recipe for the boys dinner the other day, I try to cook them something new every couple of weeks. This recipe was Butter Chicken. It’s always a risk because I eat plant based and they don’t, so on the whole I can’t taste anything I am cooking for them, but I crack on. Anyway Charlie (10) wasn’t keen and Tom (34) thought it was ok. Rather than take it personally and spend the evening apologising

See Failure as Feedback

to them I simply asked what it was about the food they liked and disliked.

Charlie wasn’t keen on the nutty sauce and Tom felt like it needed a bit more of a kick.

Great so now I know for next time.

How can you transfer this into Fat Loss?

When you step on the scales and take your progress pictures and measurements and the numbers don’t go the way you want them to….take that as feedback that you maybe need to do something differently to the last week or two.

What can be improved? What do you need to change? What has happened this week that could have affected you?

But also remember that it is just ‘data’. It is a moment in time snapshot and there could be a number of reasons that your numbers haven’t moved (I will save those for another post) but this isn’t a reason to throw in the towel.

Your numbers are not the only measure of your progress.

How you feel, your energy, your mindset amongst other things are a great measure of how far you have come in your journey.

Something to consider before you decide to give up before you have even started.

Start seeing failure as feedback and you will be surprised at how that small change can improve your mindset.


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